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Tasting & Sensory Gift Masterclass

Tasting & Sensory Gift Masterclass

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Want to give the gift of coffee with our Tasting & Sensory Masterclass?

Join us for a full sensory experience to gain a better understanding of the tastes and smells of one of the most complex and intricate beverages on Earth: coffee.

Compare coffee beans before and after roasting to learn about the changes they undergo as they become the finished product. Explore the differences between light, medium and dark roasts as well as coffees from different parts of the world.

We will smell and taste various foods to learn about the aromatic compounds that exist within the coffee beans and how pairing coffee with food items can complement or contrast the flavours.

At the end of the session, you will have a new appreciation for coffee and have a greater understanding of its complexities, leading you on the search for your next favourite coffee.

What’s included:

  • Information about coffee from different parts of the world and their unique profiles
  • A fun and relaxed environment to share and discuss taste experiences
  • Guided tasting of a large selection of coffees
  • Sampling of various foods to understand taste descriptors and pairing
  • 250g box of your choice of coffee to take home

Duration: approximately 1.5 hours

Skill Level: No experience required - everyone is welcome


  • We will contact you at least a week before if the class needs rescheduling
If you wish to gift in person, email us at and we will send a digital PDF voucher with the code to you, that can be printed at home, and given to the recipient.
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