The Impact Series

The Ue Coffee Roasters Impact Series aims to raise awareness and support for commendable causes in coffee-growing regions worldwide. Our initiative highlights projects that promote economic, ecological, and social well-being. By indulging in our selection of speciality coffees from these areas, you'll be joining our effort to help those in need. With a portion of profits going towards our chosen projects, in collaboration with our green bean brokers, you'll be making a positive impact with every purchase.

Our Chosen Initiative

In partnership with D.R Wakefield our gren bean broker and A New Beginning, a charity dedicated to aiding Rwandan citizens affected by the genocide and now resettled by the government, Ue Coffee Roasters presents the Impact Series, featuring a unique Rwanda Kinini AA speciality coffee. Ten per cent of the funds generated by this series will directly contribute to the local healthcare centre and school in the Rulindo region, providing support to the families working within the coffee industry in the Northern Province of Rwanda's Rulindo District. This initiative serves to further the goal of uplifting those affected by the tragic events of the past and supporting their ongoing well-being.

Our Head Roasters Tasting Notes

"The Kinini AA from the washing station in the Rulindo District of Rwanda, boasts a captivating uniqueness, highlighted by its bursting, bold fruit notes, infused with delicate undertones of sweet apricot and culminating in a beautifully floral finish on the tongue. This exceptional coffee is an ideal choice for a perfectly balanced pour over or a delightful cafetière experience".

Dan Fox - Head Roaster


Nestled in the heart of Africa, Rwanda is a petite and landlocked country that shares its borders with several larger neighbours, namely Uganda, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi towards the South. With a population that surpasses that of any other African country, Rwanda flaunts an exceptional natural landscape. Nevertheless, the genocide of 1994 inflicted devastating damage upon the nation, wiping out one-tenth of its population and altering its human fabric in an enormous way.

A New Beginning in Rwanda

Malcolm Clear and Jaqueline Turner established and oversee A New Beginning, a charitable organisation that operates in the Rulindo District of Northern Province, Rwanda. Their focus is on assisting the many Rwandan citizens, including widows and orphans, who were forced to relocate to uncultivated savannah by the Rwandan government following the tragic events of the 1994 genocide. A New Beginning initially constructed a school and health post in Musenyi, providing the fundamental necessities of education, healthcare, and well-being to the Rulindo community. As the organisation continued to prioritise education, health, training, and income generation from 2011 to 2013, economic development progressed at a rapid pace, achieving self-sufficiency and self-governance in a mere five years since the launch of the project.

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A percentage of 10% is allocated from the total price paid for coffee produced at the Kinini Washing Station towards the support of local healthcare centre and school projects coordinated by A New Beginning on the ground in Rwanda.

The Kinini Project

Rulindo's fertile lands make it an ideal location for cultivating crops, particularly coffee, and it was this realisation that prompted Malcolm and Jaqueline to establish R & B Import Export Ltd in March 2012. The aim of their venture was to contribute to the region's development and support coffee production. To achieve this, R & B Import Export Ltd teamed up with the local government of Rulindo and constructed the Kinini Washing Station. The station supports smallholder coffee producers in the area and was accompanied by a half a million coffee seedlings investment. This partnership with 633 local producers has enabled the cultivation of coffee on 252 hectares of land in Rusiga and Mbogo Sectors, and guarantees land tenure for farmers for at least 30 years. The Kinini project has thus become a catalyst for providing sustainable income and economic security to the local coffee farmers.

Fostering a Positive Outcome

Through DR Wakefield, our support for Kinini extends beyond just purchasing their coffee. Over the years, the funds we've provided have had a significant impact on the local community, including the construction of a health centre, community centre, and two new classrooms. Additionally, we've helped to form six women's and three mixed coffee cooperatives, allowing for greater collaboration and shared resources.

At our Full Circle event in 2018, we were able to raise enough funds to build new roasting facilities at the Washing Station. This has provided local farmers with the ability to better understand the quality of their coffee and make improvements where necessary.

In 2022, we continued our support by providing funding for the community's transition towards organic farming. This included the planting of over one thousand coffee seedlings, training on composting techniques, and improving water treatment facilities to increase sustainability.

Through our partnership, around 300 pupils, aged 4 to 11, attended school in 2022. As part of our commitment to education, we sponsor the five most deserving pupils through university education, provided their grades meet the requirements. We believe that by investing in the community and its future generations, we can make a positive impact that extends beyond just coffee.