Collection: Cafetieres

Cafetiere or French Coffee F.A.Q's

How do I use cafetiere coffee?

Our ground coffee can be pre-ground for convenience to work with your cafetier.

From the drop down menu on each coffee page, you will have a number of options to include cafetiere grind which is also commonly called French Press.

Is ground coffee the same as instant?

Ground coffee consists of finely crushed coffee beans, whereas instant coffee undergoes a unique process to become soluble granules.

Whilst we can admit that instant coffee isn't always that bad—it's still coffee, technically—there's a pretty big disparity when it comes to flavour and quality, with ground coffee being the undeniable winner.

Ground coffee is the product of carefully-roasted Arabica coffee beans, which are then finely ground to varying levels of coarseness.

Instant coffee usually uses Robusta beans, which have a less rich and complex flavour profile than Arabica. After roasting, the beans are brewed into a concentrated coffee liquid. This liquid is then dehydrated to form soluble coffee granules.

How should I store my ground coffee?

Storing ground coffee properly will keep it fresh for longer.

The best way to store ground coffee is to keep it away from air, moisture, heat, and light. Ideally, you'd store your coffee in an airtight container inside a cool, dark cupboard. The container should be as small as possible so that the amount of air it comes into contact with is limited.

Please just do not put your coffee in the fridge or freezer. That's not where it belongs.

How do I dispose of my waste coffee grounds?

You can dispose of your old coffee grounds in the bin or, even better, use them in your compost or as a fertiliser for your garden. Just don't put them in the sink—they'll clog.