up to 5 kg per day capacity

Compak i-Series

The S700 coffee machine is a perfect fit for bustling coffee establishments that prioritise consistency in their flat whites. Operational ease is also important, and the S700 delivers with automatic grind settings across three bean hoppers and an espresso dispense at a predetermined recipe. With a touch of a screen, the S700 offers a range of automatic milk textures and temperatures. Additionally, its professional automatic steam arm simplifies the offering of both dairy and non-dairy milk alternatives across the entire menu, ensuring consistency in every cup without the need for a skilled barista. For a truly comprehensive solution, the S700 can be equipped with an integrated iced coffee feature, making it an excellent choice for any professional coffee location.


UP TO 8 kg per day capacity

Compak E-Series

Designed specifically for medium volume coffee shops, restaurants, and cafes, the Compak E6 on demand coffee grinder is the perfect addition to any espresso making environment. With the capability to produce up to 200 coffees per day, the 64mm hardened steel burrs of the E6 have been expertly crafted to grind 18 grams of espresso in just six seconds, making it an incredibly efficient and quick grinder. The 2024 model comes equipped with updated components and a user-friendly, easily accessible burr chamber that ensures effortless daily cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, the 2.8" touch display makes operating the Compak E6 a breeze, and ensures consistent and delicious cups of coffee every time.


up to 12 kg per day capacity

Compak Bolt 83

Bolt can function as a traditional on-demand grinder with the Fresh feature or quickly provide service with the Predose option. It immediately dispenses ground coffee into the portafilter handle while also grinding and storing an additional dose for later use. Cleaning the grind chamber daily is effortless due to the accessibility without having to alter the grind size. The new 100Cr6 burrs offer an extended working lifespan of approximately 1,200 Kg, and the Red Speed burrs are also available as an option. Additionally, the large touchscreen allows for easy calibration, control, and adjustment of settings, even for baristas with larger fingers.


perfect for retail & filter brewing

Compak PK100

Discover the possibilities of coffee with the PK100 grinder, which boasts an impressively low retention design that facilitates easy switching between different coffee blends and allows for effortless grind size adjustments. With its 98 mm burrs rotating at a mere 900 rpm, this grinder produces filter grinds in approximately 5.5 seconds, whilst also being able to handle finer espresso doses in around 10 seconds.

For coffee shops looking to maximise efficiency, the PK100 shop version boasts a generous 700 gram hopper capacity and bag clip, making it a versatile choice for both brewing and retail. However, for those primarily focused on customer service, we recommend exploring Compak's range of retail grinders. Among the PK100 models, our top pick is the Single Dose, which is perfect for cupping and features an open collar design along with a handy dosing cup.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Ue Coffee Roasters?

When asked why choose Ue Coffee Roasters, we are often at a loss for words not due to our lack of understanding, but rather the unique nature of our craft. Our exceptional services provide wholesale partners with a comprehensive speciality coffee experience, unparalleled by any other in our marketplace.

Will Ue Coffee Roasters support my machine?

To ensure the smooth and trouble-free operation of your new espresso machine and grinder, we suggest that you consider subscribing to our comprehensive Aftercare service plans. By doing so, we'll be able to keep a close eye on the machine's condition and detect any potential problems before they turn into major issues. With this service, we'll replace your BRITA filters and perform on-site front end valeting, preventative programmed services, descaling, and maintenance to protect you from unexpected repair expenses. By signing up for this agreement, you'll enjoy peace of mind for the entire duration of your contract.

Do I qualify for better pricing on my equipment, if I purchase Ue Coffee Roasters coffee?

All wholesale customers using our coffee qualify for great equipment discounts and we would be happy to provide you with a custom quotation for both outright purchase. Alternatively we offer flexibile and affordable lease rental programs where we can incorporate a full Aftercare service plan into the rental, offering you complete peace of mind for the full duration of your agreement.

What are the benefits of leasing my machine, versus outright purchase?

Leasing and purchasing are two viable options when it comes to obtaining your coffee machine for your business. Leasing involves paying a deposit upfront and monthly instalments, allowing you to pay off the cost of the machine over time. At the end of the agreement, the equipment becomes your property. The main advantage of leasing is having new equipment at your disposal while spreading the cost, with additional tax benefits that come with not owning the asset.

On the other hand, purchasing involves paying one lump sum upfront and owning the machine outright. This allows for complete control over which model to choose without being restricted to leasing or rental options. However, maintenance and servicing are not included in the package, and any faults or breakdowns may require additional costs.

While leasing may be more expensive in the long-term compared to buying the machine outright, it can save money initially and allow for reinvestment in other areas of your business. Termination fees may apply if the contract is ended early. Meanwhile, purchasing eliminates any contractual obligations and reduces paperwork, but may require more upfront costs for repairs and maintenance after the guarantee period.

Ultimately, both leasing and purchasing have their own advantages and disadvantages. It's important to weigh your options and choose the one that aligns with your business goals and financial capabilities.

What is the leadtime on a new coffee machine?

We have standard stock systems and can swiftly fulfil all orders once we receive your purchase order and leasing company acceptance, if applicable. Typically, our turnaround time ranges from 2 days to 7 days, but if urgency is a concern, we are able to expedite the process.