up to 25 cups per day

BrewBar Pod

Enhance your work life with the BrewBar Pod - an ideal choice for smaller offices that seamlessly produces delicious espresso and milk-based beverages. The machine’s adaptability to be connected to either a water main or its own reservoir tank adds to its versatility. Its compact size ensures it can fit comfortably into any workspace without taking up too much room.

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up to 75 Cups per day

BrewBar Junior

Treat your employees to the delightful BrewBar Junior, a beloved and compact coffee machine that will surely satisfy their caffeine cravings. It boasts of bean-to-cup espresso drinks, negating the need to go to a speciality coffee shop. Furthermore, it provides fresh milk for a hassle-free experience, and can either be tank fed or mains fill. Provide your team with the reward they have earned by indulging them with the BrewBar Junior.

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BrewBar Champ

The reason behind the given title, Champ, for our office coffee machine is quite justified. Its innovative touchscreen feature ensures that each person’s preferred drink is made to perfection every time. The machine is equipped with two bean hoppers and the option for hot chocolate, making it capable of producing up to one hundred drinks per day. Additionally, the machine comes with a fridge to store fresh milk that is chilled. The coffee and hot chocolate beverages made by this Champ are so delicious that they are comparable to those sold by high street speciality cafes.

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up to 150 cups per day

BrewBar Senior

With its state-of-the-art touchscreen technology, The BrewBar Senior coffee machine has earned its name. This device guarantees that each individual’s order is crafted to perfection, providing a flawless cup of coffee every time. With the ability to produce up to 150 drinks a day, thanks to two separate bean hoppers for caffeinated and decaf beverages, it is equipped with an integrated milk fridge to ensure fresh, chilled milk for each beverage. This leads to an exceptional selection of espresso based drinks and a delectable caffe mocha that can rival any specialty coffee shop on a busy high street.

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up to 250 cups per day

BrewBar Pro

Meet the advanced BrewBar Pro, your ultimate solution to hassle-free coffee brewing. This touch-screen coffee machine comes with a user friendly media screen, making the process of brewing coffee seamless and effortless. With the BrewBar Pro, elevating your coffee offerings has never been easier. This comprehensive menu includes a variety of dairy and alternative milk options for coffee or hot chocolate, and even a full iced coffee menu. What’s more, you can add a personal touch by uploading your corporate video or company story to the screen. Say goodbye to coffee brewing woes with the BrewBar Pro.

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perfect for meeting rooms

BrewBar Drip

The BrewBar Drip is a remarkable filter machine in a thermos design, created for busy individuals who require a quick caffeine fix either on-the-go or at work where there is no access to water. It provides the convenience of brewing filter coffee directly into an air pot or vacuum container, making it easier to transport. Compared to traditional hot plates and glass jugs, the BrewBar Drip stands out by maintaining the temperature of your coffee for a prolonged period while keeping it fresh.

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the sustainable choice

BrewBar Aqua

If you’re on the lookout for a sleek and compact water dispenser, the BrewBar Aqua has got you covered. Perfectly tailored for small office spaces or other areas with minimal counter space, this nifty appliance delivers easy access to an assortment of filtered water options. With a single press of a button, you can choose between hot water, still water, and even BRITA-filtered sparkling water. This machine ticks all the boxes for those in need of a stylish and practical water dispenser that meets all their needs.

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BrewBar Tap

Elevate your tea game and treat yourself to the ultimate beverage
experience by upgrading from your outdated, scaled office kettle. Indulge in high-quality beverages whilst enjoying the convenience of hot water at your fingertips. With instant hot water, you can save valuable time and resources, whilst also boosting office productivity and decreasing energy consumption. So say farewell to your old kettle and say hello to a smarter and more efficient way of staying refreshed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Ue Coffee Roasters?

When asked why choose Ue Coffee Roasters, we are often at a loss for words not due to our lack of understanding, but rather the unique nature of our craft. Our exceptional services provide corporate partners with a comprehensive speciality coffee experience unparalleled by any other.

Will Ue Coffee Roasters support my machine?

To ensure the smooth and trouble-free operation of your new coffee machine, we suggest that you consider subscribing to our comprehensive Aftercare service plans. By doing so, we'll be able to keep a close eye on the machine's condition and detect any potential problems before they turn into major issues. With this service, we'll replace your BRITA filters and perform on-site valeting, descaling, and maintenance to protect you from unexpected repair expenses. By signing up for this agreement, you'll enjoy peace of mind for the entire duration of your contract.

Can my machine be accessed remotely, if I was ever to have a problem?

Our bean to cup coffee machines are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, featuring remote diagnostics that enable us to access the machine from our service desk. By doing so, we can quickly determine the cause of any faults and dispatch our engineers accordingly. Thanks to our high first-time fix rate, we can get your machine up and running in no time, ensuring minimal downtime for your business.

What are the benefits of using fresh milk versus powdered milk?

Speciality coffee enthusiasts agree that coffee should only be paired with fresh milk to enhance its texture and flavour. This is precisely why our coffee machines exclusively use the option of either whole or semi-skimmed fresh milk. While the vending industry may prioritise affordability and speed over quality, at Ue Coffee Roasters, we prioritise providing an exceptional coffee experience in the office. That's why all of our machines are equipped with simple to use automatic cleaning features, ensuring that maintaining the cleanliness of your machine is quick and easy. Powdered or soluble milks are commonly used in vending machines, but we believe that quality and consistency are essential in every cup which is what sets our offering apart.

What are the benefits of leasing my machine, versus outright purchase?

Leasing and purchasing are two viable options when it comes to obtaining your coffee machine for your business. Leasing involves paying a deposit upfront and monthly instalments, allowing you to pay off the cost of the machine over time. At the end of the agreement, the equipment becomes your property. The main advantage of leasing is having new equipment at your disposal while spreading the cost, with additional tax benefits that come with not owning the asset.

On the other hand, purchasing involves paying one lump sum upfront and owning the machine outright. This allows for complete control over which model to choose without being restricted to leasing or rental options. However, maintenance and servicing are not included in the package, and any faults or breakdowns may require additional costs.

While leasing may be more expensive in the long-term compared to buying the machine outright, it can save money initially and allow for reinvestment in other areas of your business. Termination fees may apply if the contract is ended early. Meanwhile, purchasing eliminates any contractual obligations and reduces paperwork, but may require more upfront costs for repairs and maintenance after the guarantee period.

Ultimately, both leasing and purchasing have their own advantages and disadvantages. It's important to weigh your options and choose the one that aligns with your business goals and financial capabilities.

What is the leadtime on a new coffee machine?

We have standard stock systems and can swiftly fulfil all orders once we receive your purchase order and leasing company acceptance, if applicable. Typically, our turnaround time ranges from 10 days to 2 weeks, but if urgency is a concern, we are able to expedite the process.

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