Latte Art Masterclass

Immerse yourself in the world of coffee artistry and learn how to craft beautiful designs with our latte art course at our training school located in Witney, West Oxfordshire. This professional training programme is the perfect gift for a loved one or an exciting weekend adventure with friends.

Our latte art courses are designed to enhance your skills and elevate your coffee game to the next level. Through a structured and hands-on class experience, aspiring baristas and coffee enthusiasts will learn the art of crafting silky latte patterns and textures.

With the guidance of our experienced baristas and coffee art experts, you will gain a deeper understanding of milk texturing techniques and pouring methods, allowing you to create stunning designs on your coffee canvas. Our goal is to equip you with the skills needed to transform your coffee at home into a work of art.

Our courses explore a wide range of latte art styles, including intricate rosettas, tulips, and heart shapes. Join us and unlock the secrets of coffee artistry in a fun and engaging learning environment.

Latte Art Masterclass FAQs

What can I expect from Ue Coffee Roasters latte art masterclass? 

The course will provide a comprehensive tutorial on the techniques of steaming and pouring milk. Moreover, it will introduce you to a variety of art patterns like the heart, rosetta, and tulip. Our knowledgeable specialists will also offer you practical guidance and support to perfect your skills in this domain.

How can I practice latte art at home?

By implementing the skills learnt in this class, one can effortlessly begin practising at home. Consistent dedication and hard work will undoubtedly lead to the improvement of your latte art abilities. Additionally, for a refresher on some useful tips for creating beautiful latte art, we recommend reading our blog post on the comparison of oat and cow milk. Should you require new machinery to aid in your brewing process, we encourage you to peruse our collection of brewing equipment.

How long are the latte art workshops?

Our masterclass is around 1.5 - 2 hours long.

What other coffee masterclasses does Ue Coffee Roasters offer?

We offer three different types of coffee courses that include latte art, home espresso and
filter coffee making.