endlessely redefining boundaries

Education, Philosophy, Adventure

We love learning and knowledge; we use art and science to hone our skills to develop the best from every bean. We are determinted to bring out the full potential in every coffee we craft so it can be enjoyed by everyone.

a collective force for good

Commitment, Community, Environment

We are highly driven and conscious of the need to leave a positive legacy. Committed to adding true value in all our environmental and community projects whether at home or overseas.

taking steps in the right direction

Commitment, Mission, Responsibility

Our commitment is to reduce our impact on the planet in ways that are both practical & economically sustainable.

Extraordinary knows no limits. Why should you?

Theatre, Experience, Uncompromising

Inspirational enjoyment becomes an everyday special experience. Come along and discover our unique roastery cafe space, and you'll soon understand why we have become Oxfordshires most talked about speciality coffee and brunch hotspot.

overwhelming the senses

Comforting, Instinctive, Escape

We are inspired by the tradition of chai as a medium of communication, creativity and culture. That's why we brew and bottle the UK's first authentic all natural speciality chai concentrate that's like no other, creating a powerful balance of comforting spice and flavour.

Defying the ordinary

Precision, Exploration, Memories

Experience something truly unique in a world of standardized choices. Bred to perform, designed to inspire. Experience the exclusivity of the lucky few.

A constantly evolving story

Performance, Control, Innovation

Constructed with the utmost attention to detail, every Victoria Arduino is a true masterpiece of Italian engineering and design. Dedicated to futurists, lovers of technology and new materials, baristas who embrace and encourage change with enthusiasm and energy. For coffee professionals who know that the best is yet to come.