Coffee Subscriptions To Suit You

Wake up and smell the coffee! Our flexible coffee subscriptions are the perfect way to satisfy your caffeine cravings.

Choose your favourite blend for regular deliveries, or let us surprise you with a rotation of irresistible flavours. And if you're feeling generous, our subscriptions make great gifts!

Every cup is hand-roasted to perfection in the beautiful Cotswolds, packaged in 100% fully recyclable packaging and delivered straight to your doorstep anywhere in the UK.

Set Up Your Subscription Here
  • Choose Your Coffee, Tea or Cocoa

    Establish a recurring delivery schedule for your preferred coffee, tea, or cocoa choice from Ue Coffee Roasters, or allow our skilled professionals to manage your product subscription.

  • Set Your Prefered Delivery Schedule

    With Ue Coffee Roasters, you have the freedom to customise the delivery frequency of your subscription. Whether you prefer weekly, fortnightly, or monthly deliveries, the choice is entirely up to you.

  • Complete Flexibility

    At each interval, an automated order notification will be sent to your email, granting you the option to fast-forward, pause or skip as per your convenience.

Subscription FAQ's

How do your coffee subscriptions work?

Our subscriptions are easy. To get started, simply choose a coffee subscription that suits your tastes. Next, decide how frequently you want to receive the coffee (every week, fortnight or monthly) and then your preferred grind for your chosen brew method. We would always recommend whole beans for freshness but can provide ground coffee too. Our subscriptions are suitable for any brew method too, from espresso to cafetiere. Then once you checkout, your subscription will automatically pull through at your selected frequency.

No stress. No hassle. Just great coffee.

Howmuch coffee should I order as part of my coffee subscription?

The amount of coffee consumed by individuals in a household, as well as their preferred dose size and dialling in, must be taken into account when determining the quantity of coffee required. In general, we suggest the following based on 15g (filter) and 18g (espresso) dose sizes:

- A single 250g bag produces between 13-16 cups.

- Two 250g bags yield 26-32 cups.

- Three 250g bags result in 39-48 cups.

- A 1kg bag can produce between 52-64 cups.

When will I be charged for my subscription?

You will be charged at the set frequency of your subscription

How do I edit my current subscription?

Simply login to your account through our website, or follow the link on any previous e-mails. Or alternatively e-mail and we will take care of your request for you.

Is there a minimum commitment period for the coffee subscription?

There's no minimum commitment! You can subscribe to our coffee service on a month-to-month basis and cancel or modify your subscription anytime from your account dashboard.

What if I have more questions or need assistance with my subscription?

We're here to help! If you have any further questions or need assistance with your subscription, feel free to contact us by emailing and we will be only too happy to help.

Is your packaging recyclable?

All our packaging is 100% recyclable and can be disposed of in your household recycling bin.

Are all your coffee’s ethically & sustainably sourced?

Yes! Ethics and the welfare of our farmers and their workers is at the heart of everything that we do. We either work directly with the farms and farmers to ensure this, or we only use trusted importers who have very strict processes that manage that all our farmers are receiving a fair price over and above market pricing. Welfare, education and setting a price that is always above Fairtrade and Commodity pricing is paramount to our working practices.

How fresh will my coffee be?

We roast Monday to Friday and your coffee is gauranteed to come to fresh and with a roast date that is likely to be within a week of your order date.

How do I cancel my subscription?

This can be done anytime, no strings attached.

Just head to your customer account or call our Customer Service team on 01993 706767 between offices hours. You will receive an email confirmation once your subscription has been cancelled.