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OPAL One Pod Machine

OPAL One Pod Machine

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Introducing the revolutionary OPAL One - a coffee pod machine specifically crafted to brew speciality coffee pods like no other.

Utilising a one-of-a-kind silicon brew chamber, this innovative machine eradicates the unwanted dilution that can occur during brewing, delivering a fuller-bodied, stronger coffee experience.

With higher pressure and temperature settings, the OPAL One exceeds the performance of any other Nespresso compatible coffee capsule machine on the market.

Designed to showcase the full potential of our carefully selected coffee blends, the OPAL One offers a unique and unparalleled coffee brewing experience that simply cannot be matched.

Indulge in the perfect way to experience speciality coffee pods with the OPAL One.

OPAL One is currently only compatible with 220-240v power specifications.

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

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