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Peak Water Endurance Filter (2 Pack)

Peak Water Endurance Filter (2 Pack)

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Peak Water Endurance Filter (2 Pack)

Peak Water Endurance Filters are the key to achieving café-quality water at home. Featuring a premium cation resin which, in combination with the bypass system controls alkalinity of the water, no matter where you are in the world and the starting quality of your tap water.

The filter also contains activated carbon to treat contaminants, and a sodium buffer to help stabilise PH.

What’s the difference between Precision and Endurance Filters?

Compared to the original Precision Filters, the Endurance Filter lowers the alkalinity to a lesser degree but is designed to las significantly longer.

Simply use the test strip provided and the handy chart to select the best settings for your water. Peak Water Endurance Filter will then get to work on perfectly balancing your water so it’s ideal for brewing a delicious coffee.

A fully recyclable solution

Peak Water Filters are designed to be fully recyclable. The resin inside each filter is infinitely regenerable by undergoing a professional procedure in Peak Water’s processing unit.

The plastic cases are recycled for use in other products, the biodegradable carbon is separated, and the resin is washed and regenerated.

Send your used filters back to Peak Water via their Royal Mail pre-paid service. Find out more about how to recycle your Peak Water filters here.


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