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Loveramics Brewers Tasting Cup Nutty (Basalt) 150ml

Loveramics Brewers Tasting Cup Nutty (Basalt) 150ml

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Loveramics Brewers Tasting Cup Nutty (Basalt) 150ml

The Loveramics Brewers’ Series is a perfect representation of how vessel shape can affect your taste perception of the same coffee. Highlighting the best of coffees with a heavier profile and nutty, earthy overtones, the Loveramics Brewers Nutty tasting cup's bulbous shape and rounded curvature makes it a great aroma collector, making use of optimal headspace and tilt angle to accentuate further chocolate and caramel flavours. Perfect for coffees typical of South America, Tanzania, or even a heavy Sumatran. A 150ml handcrafted coffee tasting cup, the Loveramics Brewers Tasting Cup Nutty's exterior is made from Loveramics’ own bespoke high-quality, durable ceramic. Dishwasher and microwave safe, the cup makes a perfect set with the rest of the Loveramics Brewers series.

Loveramics Brewers Tasting Cup Nutty Additional Info:

  • Restaurant Grade & Food Safe
  • Dishwasher / Microwave Safe
  • Length 7.25cm ; Width 7.25cm ; Height 6.35cm ;
  • Capacity 150ml
  • Material: Porcelain
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