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Kuumo isothermal bottle 280 ml black

Kuumo isothermal bottle 280 ml black

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To ensure that your drink stays hot for a long time, we have used isothermal technology combined with stainless steel.

This means that your bottle has a double wall of 304 stainless steel separated by a vacuum.

This vacuum ensures that the temperature of your drink is maintained for longer.

How to maintain your water bottle?

Store your bottle open, this will allow it to breathe and avoid the smell of previous drinks.

Don' t put ice cubes in your filled bottle or ferment anything. You risk creating a time bomb.

There is no need to put a bottle in the fridge, as the insulating effect of the insulated bottle reduces the conduction of heat or cold. If you want fresh water, put a classic bottle in the fridge and then transfer it to the insulated bottle when you leave.

Hand cleaning is preferable to avoid altering the effectiveness of the product.

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