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Hario Largo Tea Dripper (800ml)

Hario Largo Tea Dripper (800ml)

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Hario Largo Tea Dripper (800ml) - Ingenious Way to Brew Tea.

Inspired by the V60 dripper design for coffee, Hario has decided to create a Tea Dripper for tea and they have succeeded once again. This device will make any tea enthusiast smile instantly. The process of brewing your tea each morning manually will never be the same again. Once the tea leaves steep time is reached, press the lever, the gorgeous tea will get extracted and the leaves will remain inside the tea dripper.

It is great to extract high quality loose leaves in 2 to 5 minutes. Like most of the Hario products the Tea Dripper is also made out of the highest quality, heat-proof glass. The big 800ml glass bowl allows you to watch your loose leaves jumping inside the bowl while brewing.

To begin brewing, simply add the tea leaves and hot water, when you are happy with the brewing time, press the small lever and your delicious tea will run directly into your decanter below.

It has a silicone base so you can use it on any type of decanter, however we recommend the Hario Drip Station to complete the set-up.

Hario Tea Dripper LARGO Includes :

  • 1x Tea Dripper Largo (TDR-80B)
  • Heat-Resistant Glass
  • Metal Filter
  • Dripper Switch
  • 800ml Capacity

Hario Has You Covered

It is highly unlikely but from time to time, for whatever reason customers decide to return tea equipment that they've purchased. Other online retailers might make it difficult for their customers to do so but not here at All tea gear can be returned within 30 days period, as long as they are packaged in the original packaging (see details on returns page).

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