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Hario Largo Tea Dripper (350ml)

Hario Largo Tea Dripper (350ml)

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Hario Largo Tea Dripper (350ml)

A new way to brew your favourite tea, with the press of a switch.

The size of this tea dripper is perfect for tea for two. It's not just useful, but also decorative, brightening your kitchen or living room with the colours of your tea and herbs. The opening at the top has been widened to better release the aromas of your tea.

Enjoy the beauty of your tea with the heatproof glass Tea Dripper "Largo".

More Information:

Article No.: TDR-35B
Colour: Black
Size: W123 × D114 × H120mm
Capacity: Practical capacity 350ml
Weight (Incl. box): Approx. 300g
Materials: Lid: AS resin, Glass Bowl: Heatproof glass, Inner Holder, Base: Silicone rubber, Filter, Inner Holder, Stainless Steel Ball): Stainless steel, Switch: Polypropylene
Base: Made in China.
Other Parts: Made in Japan.

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