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Hario Glass Coffee Bean Canister (Red) 800ml

Hario Glass Coffee Bean Canister (Red) 800ml

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Hario Glass Coffee Bean Canister (Red) 800ml

The Hario glass coffee bean canister has 800ml capacity for you to store fresh coffee beans in an air-tight environment. We all know the importance of the quality ground coffee but no matter how good the coffee is, if you don’t keep it fresh the beans will lose aroma and eventually the flavour. If you do not want your coffee to be tasting like instant than we recommend the Hario glass canister.

Hario Glass Coffee Bean Canister Design

All glassware equipment from Hario is heatproof, which means you can put the canister on a hot surface without worrying if it will break. The quality of any Hario glass product including the glass canister is very high. Borosilicate glassware is much more resistant to thermal shock than normal glass due to low thermal expansion.

Hario Glass Coffee Bean Canister Additional Info:

  • Borosilicate Glass
  • 800ml Capacity
  • W99 X D99 X H142mm
  • Air-Tight
  • Heatproof
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