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Hario Asian Teapot with Stainless Handle

Hario Asian Teapot with Stainless Handle

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Hario Asian Teapot Stainless Handle - Perfect for a fine cup of green tea

Hario is famous for its superior glassware and the beautiful Asian tea pot is what Hario is all about. Hand-crafted and delicate Asian teapot has an all glass heat-proof body, which means you can heat it up on gas stove, electrical heater or whichever other method you prefer. It has a classic teapot shape with removable metal filter at the base of the spout, allowing you to make loose leave tea with no leftover bits in it with ease.

Hario Asian Teapot Design

This gorgeous teapot has a capacity of 220 ml, meaning you can ether make one medium cup or two small cups of outstanding tea. The all glass design allows you to see exactly what happens during the tea brewing process and while serving. All in all the Hario Asian tea pot is a great alternative to other Hario tea pots such as ChaCha Kyusu Maru and Hario Tea Pitcher. One of Asian teapot advantages is that it has a very handy stainless steel handle, which makes it easier to move it around.

Hario Asian Teapot Includes :

  • 1x Hario Asian Teapot (QSA-1SV)
  • Stainless Steel Handle
  • Heat-Resistant Glass
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