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Ensure that your office is energised with exquisite speciality coffee. Whether it be for Monday meetings or boardroom discussions, that essential morning boost or afternoon refresher, every workplace can work more effectively with exceptional coffee readily available.

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    As the number of individuals in your workplace increases, so too does the quantity of coffee required.

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    Determine the quantity and frequency that suits you best, and enjoy the added perk of complimentary shipping on every order.

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How Much Coffee Does my Office Require?

Selecting the appropriate volume of coffee for your workplace has never been easier. By taking into account the size of your office and assuming that each staff member consumes at least two cups of coffee daily, we have approximated a weekly quantity of kilograms necessary for your office. Don't forget to use the discount code during checkout to obtain a set discount on your purchase as well.

Does Your Office use More Than 10 Kilos of Coffee per Week?

For larger offices with an in-house cafe or a high volume of coffees being drunk equating to more than 10kg of coffee per week, we recommend opening a trade wholesale account so that you can obtain preferential pricing on your coffee and consumables.

Apply by clicking the button below so we can work with you to find the right coffee solution for your business.

Why Choose Ue Coffee Roasters?


We collaborate with producers from across the globe in order to create a truly exceptional coffee experience. Our focus on quality is unwavering, and we celebrate this dedication at every stage of the process. With us, you can trust that each cup of coffee is an extraordinary experience.

Why Choose Ue Coffee Roasters?


Our industry-leading coffee equipment is reliable and well-regarded. We offer state-of-the-art machines that provide a complete speciality coffee, tea, and chocolate menu from bean to cup. Our touch screen machines are easy to use and offer various milks to suit your preference. Additionally, our automatic filter brewers provide a simple and professional brewing experience that is perfect for your office or workplace.

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Why Choose Ue Coffee Roasters?

Delivery & Service

Take charge of your work schedule with a tailor-made subscription of top-quality, speciality coffee delivered straight to your door whenever your team requires it. Enjoy the flexibility to fully customise your coffee subscription for the ultimate control.

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Office Coffee Subscription FAQ's

Due to the limited size of my team, may I enquire about the availability of an office subscription?

We recommend our office subscriptions that start at 2kg/week for workplaces with more than 10-20 employees. For offices with fewer than 10 employees who are looking for smaller 1kg quantities, kindly refer to our subscriptions collection.

How much coffee will my office need?

Based on your office size and each employee having at least 2 cups of coffee a day, we’ve estimated a weekly kg amount for your office.

On average we would recommend the following based on 15g (filter) and 18g (espresso) dose size:

  • 10-20 people = 2-4 kg,
  • 20-30 people = 4-6kg
  • 30-40 people 6-8kg
  • 40-50 people = 8-10kg
  • over 50 people +10kg

Please see our table for this calculation or get in touch if you are still unsure.

I have an overseas office can I have an office subscription?

Our subscriptions are limited to UK shores only.

How do your office subscriptions work?

Acquiring our coffee subscriptions is a hassle-free process. You can kickstart it by determining the amount of coffee you require depending on your office size. We have a comprehensive table to assist you in making the decision. Afterwards, you can opt for how often you want to receive the coffee - either weekly or fortnightly. Additionally, select your preferred grind size. Though we always recommend whole beans for maximum freshness, we can still offer ground coffee. Moreover, our subscriptions cater to all brewing techniques, from espresso to cafetiere. Once you check out, your subscription will be automatically processed according to your selected frequency. With us, there's no stress or inconvenience - just top-quality coffee.

How long will my office subscription take to deliver?

All subscriptions are despatched next day if ordered before midnight 23.59 (excluding weekends)

All office subscriptions are shipped by DHL Tracked next working day delivery.

When will I be charged for my subscription?

You will be charged at the set frequency of your subscription.

How do I update my billing details?

Login to your account and navigate to the ‘billing information’ tab.
Here you can edit your existing billing address or edit your payment
card details.

How do I change my shipping address?

Simply log in to your account to access and edit your address details, by clicking on to the ‘Shipping Addresses’ tab.

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes. If you find yourself with a cupboard full of coffee, or your office is going to be shut, you can skip one or several subscriptions send dates to suit your needs—just log in to your account.

How do I change my subscription information?

By accessing the 'upcoming orders' tab, you can click on your subscription and proceed to modify important details such as your next order date, skipping an order, and changing specifics like order frequency, quantity, and grind size. Take advantage of this opportunity to customise your subscription to suit your preferences.

How do I cancel my subscription?

This can be done anytime, no strings attached. Just head to your customer account or call our Customer Service team on 01993 706767. You will receive an email confirmation once your subscription has been cancelled.