Wilfa Classic Drip Filter Brewer


The WIlfa Classic Plus Coffee Maker takes filter coffee brewing into stylish new realms. This machine is beautiful in design and ease of use. Simply add the desired amount of fresh ground coffee and water, press the 'Wilfa' button and wait. The brewer will heat the water and distribute this over the coffee, which proceeds to drip into the carafe below. In less than five minutes, you'll have one to ten cups of coffee ready to enjoy.

In addition to the Wilfa Classic Plus brewer's simplistic design, there are a number of smart features including; a flow control wheel, overflow drain on filter holder, cleaning indicator, manual drip stopper that prevents spills on the hotplate, automatic switch-off, and a pump for quick and even distribution of water to the coffee.

• Size: 1-10 cups
• Capacity: 1L
• Lined to: 1L from 0.25L in 0.25 increments
• Lined to: x3, x5, x7, x10 cups
• Temperature range: 92-96 °C
• Includes removable filter holder with manual drip stopper
• Smart function: power saving mode
• Smart function: cleaning indicator

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