Superbon Pimiento Chips Sharing Bag


Nothing can prepare you for just how good Superbon Chips are. How they make something so addictive from simply potatoes, sunflower oil and salt is a complete mystery to us. But we hope they keep doing it for eternity. Their Truffle Crisps – made using real black summer truffles – are so unbelievably moreish and decadent that it’s impossible to stop until the bag is empty. Don’t judge us if we lick the bag afterwards.

Based in Brussels, Superbon are curators of the world’s finest produce. Their Superbon Chips – apologies for the Americanism – are crafted in Madrid’s Chueca neighbourhood, where crisps are kind of a big deal. We Brits like to claim the crisp as our own – well, the earliest known recipe for “potatoes fried in slices or shavings” was written down by William Kitchiner of London, so it only seems fair – but the Spanish take it to a whole new level of crunch, salt and rich potato flavour. And because Spaniards are also the masters of pairing drinks with snacks, these are spectacular with something chilled like a crisp Sherry, gin and tonic, white wine or glass of beer.

Weight 135g Sharing bag.