La Boca del Diablo Hot Sauce


La Boca del Diablo is a fantastic day to day hot sauce. Containing all natural ingredients this sauce is a combination of smoked garlic, chillis and peppers, with fresh lime to sharpen the deep smoky flavor. La Boca is not over powering, whilst it has a nice kick it won't over power the food you put it on or in. 

This is the sauce that gets used every day at Pip's Hot Sauce HQ. Its fantastic on scrambled eggs at breakfast, over a sarny at lunch and it gives a nice kick to your pasta at tea time. There is a reason that it won the BBC Good Food Show award and is loved by Michelin Started Chef, Brad Carter!

It comes in a 150ml glass bottle, contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Ingredients; Red peppers (35%), white wine vinegar Sulphites (27%), chilli (9%), garlic (6%), lime juice (4%), tomato paste (27%), onion (4%), salt & sugar.