Hario Copper Gooseneck Kettle


The classic Hario Buono kettle - favoured by pourover brewer and barista's around the world - re-imagined in a limited, collectable and dangerously good-looking copper and brass. Made in Japan by the undisputed pourover masters at Hario, it's got the original and distinctive beehive shape, tapered spout and slanted pouring edge that make the Buono unique in the category, slightly tweaked in this, the latest model, for the best control yet. Suitable for stove-top use, but not induction heaters.

More importantly, it's made of solid copper, with a nickel-plated interior, a brass handle, walnut accents and clear coating for long life and durability: light, tough, fantastic for heat retention and very, very pretty, it's the pouring kettle your Japanese grandfather would have (if you had one.)

A stunning gift for a coffee lover and drool-worthy addition to a coffee bar, particularly with a the Hario copper V60 to match.

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