Guatemalan Love Scandal


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The Baquelito farm owned by Juan Carlos Estevez is located in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, a region hidden in the mountains with higher than average rainfall and clay soil at a height of about 1300-1450m.  The coffee is caturra & catuai, washed processed and dried on patios. It is a sweet coffee with a rounded body.  

As an espresso in the cup, the coffee has a strong backbone of rich chocolate which is matched only by a wonderful over-ripe cherry flavour. The sweetness in the cup is like that of fine Manuka honey. These elements harmonise with one another to create a truly distinctive flavour. The high altitude and cool climate have certainly worked their magic here.

With milk, this coffee remains very sweet and very distinct. A real delight. As a filter we found this coffee to be very perfumed. The chocolate is certainly a key player still but softens as the drink cools to let some of that superb cherry flavour through.

Country: Guatemala

Region: Various Regions

Altitude: 1350 + MSL

Variety: Caturra & Catuai

Process: Washed & Sun-Dried

Roast profile: Medium

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