Festive Hullabaloo


Get into the Christmas spirit with this magical coffee which originates from the municipality of Tres Pontas in Sul de Minas, Brazil.

Tantalize those taste buds with this rich, smooth bodied coffee which can only be likened to a fruity Terry's chocolate orange, finished off with a moreish sweet undertone.

This truly delicious coffee is pure excitement in a cup and we cannot think of anything more perfect to wake up too on Christmas morning.

Farm: Aracacu, Três Pontas in Sul de Minas

Altitude: 960 -1,100 masl

Variety: Catigua MG2

Process: Natural

Roast profile: Medium

The municipality of Três Pontas in Sul de Minas is touted as the greatest producer of coffee in the country. It has over 50 million coffee trees and its undulating topography falls in the transition zone between the Atlantica Forest and Cerrado Biome. The area takes its name from the three peaked mountain in the area which, stretching up to 1234 metres high, has often been used as a landmark.

The farm itself has been in the Chaves de Brito family for three generations, and is run by the inimitable Carmen Lucia, who also heads up the Brazil Speciality Coffee Association. She grows 83 experimental varieties as well as trying to rescue older varieties less commonly found.

Coffee here is treated a little differently than you commonly find – once the cherries have been picked, sorted, and dried (in this case on patios or raised beds before being finished in a Guardiola to control consistency) they are taken for resting in giant wooden silos traditional to the area before dry milling and exporting. As the coffee has been stressed through this process, the silo rooms are kept dark and soothing strains of music are constantly played to relax the beans. Once this has occurred, they are then de hulled on a beautiful blue and wood Pinhalense machine from 1976, before a final sorting, and bagging for export.

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