Dark Rising Signature Blend


This is a coffee for a coffee lover. It works well across all formats and doesn't take loads of work to make really tasty. 

The Brazil takes the back seat here contributing some creamy texture. The Costa Rica is the key player adding sweet spice. Again, the India delivers its classic punch. This is a dark profile at 185 degrees in the roaster. You can expect this to punch its way through big milky drinks and give you a very traditional looking espresso with a dark crema. The flavours are bold and rich. Dark chocolate, clove and roasted nuts at the fore but with a praline creaminess all through. This coffee likes extremes as espresso so either go for 18g – 60g in 35s or 20g – 20g in 40s for great results. 

Just like the Mahogany, try this in the Aeropress for big results. 


Origins: Brazil 30%, Costa Rica 50%, India 20%

Region: Various Regions

Altitude: 1,200 – 1,600 MSL

Variety: Various Varietals

Process: Natural, Washed

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