Breakfast Tea Ind. Pyramid Teabag | By Jeeves & Jericho


Our brisk infusing version of this well-known classic is both uniquely rich and intense in flavour. We have carefully blended Assam and Kenyan black CTC teas, which produce a granule-like leaf and a deep ruby red liquor. Perk up your mornings with this exhilaratingly robust breakfast brew.

A rich full-bodied blend with hints of spice and a malty sweetness.


Assam and Kenyan black teas.
Naturally contains caffeine.

Brewing Guide

Use fresh water. Can be enjoyed with or without milk.
Tea 1 bag, Water 300ml, Temp. 100°C, Steep 4-5 mins.

This product can be purchased and shipped nationally throughout the UK with no restrictions on delivery address.

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