Hario V60 Electric Grinder


Designed to grind directly into a V60 dripper using a switch pad. The grinder boasts 44 grind-size settings giving you choice while grinding. This means that it is ideal for V60, syphon, Chemex and many more. For espresso use, we however recommend other grinders that grind the coffee finer.

The V60 grinder is capable of grinding at 3 grams per second without heating up the coffee beans and maintaining the fresh coffee taste in your cup. This is due to stainless steel conical burrs that shave the coffee beans instead of simply crushing them.

The electric coffee grinder has a bean hopper with a capacity of 240 g.

Hario V60 Electric Coffee Grinder Features

  • 44 Grind Settings - Grind for any Pour over Method
  • Consistent Stainless Steel Conical Burrs
  • Grinding Speed - Over 3 Grams Per Second
  • 240 g Hopper Capacity


This grinder is not a standard stock item and is ordered from the manufacturer upon receipt of your order. This item will incur a delivery lead time of up too 7 days.

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