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Comandante RX35 Red Clix Drivetrain

Comandante RX35 Red Clix Drivetrain

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Comandante RX35 Red Clix Drivetrain

The updated RX35 RED CLIX set includes a set of matching ball bearings and washers to make it easier for you to install in a COMANDANTE grinder.

The RX35 RED CLIX enables an expanded click range for the same particle size range and the same brewing methodology. The click steps with the RX35 combo are much finer, but at the same time, the click mechanism itself is as solid and stable as the standard version.

The RX35 Combo gives you an additional step between two standard clicks. This might be helpful if you want to optimize extraction time for a particular lightly roasted specialty coffee espresso shot.

For example: if you currently use the grinder with 5 clicks with the standard version, with the RX35 combo you should set 10 clicks..

Target Particle Resolution (typical): 15 Micron per click<br>Horizontal Shift of targeted Particle Size (Normal Distribution Target Maximum)

Vertical Burr Pitch per Click (typical): 29 Micron

Narrow Blade Gap per Click (typical): 6 Micron

Important Information:

Only use the special red-coloured grind dial with the RX35 axle.

The extra fine precision thread on both axle and dial are very delicate and will get damaged if used with the standard axle and grind dial.

Please make sure you do not mix any RED CLIX parts with standard ones. Otherwise, the RX35 part will get damaged and can‘t be used any more!

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