Colombian Giddy Up


Granja La Esperanza is the name of the co-operative that grow this coffee in the region of Guatica in Colombia. This is a relatively high grown caturra varietal which is where its wonderful natural sweetness comes from. The washed process allows us to explore the complex nuance in the terroir.

Fresh ground, this coffee has a wonderful raisin, cocoa and cashew aromas. When brewed in a cafetiere style, the sweet aromas are subdued and a spice begins to come through. As the coffee cools down, the chocolate begins to come through again and is now backed up with creme brulee. The acidity in the cup gives it a nice balance of body and liveliness.

As an espresso the sweetness is heightened and cashew nut and marzipan are the prominent flavours. Once again a lively raisin acidity holds the espresso together to provide balance.

Country: Colombia

Region: Guatica

Altitude: 1520 – 1650 MSL

Variety: Caturra & Typica

Process: Washed

Roast profile: Medium

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