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A good Brazilian coffee can be the best thing you ever tasted. They have such great potential to be warming and comforting with mild, mellow, creamy, nutty and biscuit flavours. Well managed they can also have a heap of wonderful dried fruit flavour. They are very forgiving in the espresso machine as well as non-espresso methods. As a starting point why not try 18g – 40g – 35s.

We think that this coffee has wonderful notes of praline, wafer and biscuit. 

Located in the region of Sul de Minas, in the municipality of Alfenas, the Fazenda Capoerinha was the first property acquired by Ipanema, in 1969. Of its 2,200 hectares of land, 70% are used for producing coffee, while the remaining 30% comprises reserves and protected forest areas.

Soil: Resting on metamorphic rock, the soils are argillaceous (formed from sedimentary rocks and deposits) and rich in decomposable minerals, which have a great capacity to retain water.

Climate: The region is characterized by a mild subtropical climate, with rainy summers and dry winters, favorable for the cultivation of coffee. Temperatures range from 24ºC [75ºF] in the summer to around 18ºC [64ºF] in the winter, but can fall below freezing during severe winters. Average annual rainfall is about 1,440 mm [57 inches] (average of last 10 years).

Altitude: The estate has coffee plantations from 780 to 950 meters [2,550 to 3,100 feet] in altitude. It should be noted that cultivars descended from the “Bourbon” are produced at altitudes above 900 meters [2,950 feet].

Irrigation: Fazenda Capoerinha has 290 hectares irrigated by a drip system, which is considered to be the most economical in terms of water use per hectare.

Country: Brazil

Region: Sul de Minas

Altitude: 1,500 masl

Variety: Yellow Bourbon

Process: Natural

Roast profile: Medium/Light

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