2020 UK Coffee Roaster Wars Exclusive Coffee


Here is your once and only opportunity to sample this years unknown coffee, from the UK Speciality Coffee Roaster Wars...

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  • 4 JUDGES

Coffee competitions this year have understandably been put on hold and they’re a great place to meet your peers, learn and have some fun (under pressure).

Early during lockdown Lisa from @deargreen gathered some roaster friends and we did a coffee swap and a blind Zoom cupping. Some great coffees and some fabulous roasters to share the experience albeit via a Zoom window.

It got the speciality industry thinking.. couldn't we have a friendly remote roasting competition during this strange COVID time. 

The most important role of the competition is to have a qualified judge of course. Someone that regularly judges coffee competitions at national and world level, who is a Q grader and as a bonus a regular Cup Of Excellence judge and top industry consultant. Luckily, one of the 9 being John Thompson during that early lockdown Zoom cupping met all of those criteria and more and agreed to take it on.

A number of carefully chosen speciality coffee roasters were chosen and Ue Coffee Roasters were grateful that we were to make up the line up of one of the 20 roasters who would be participating. 

The coffee for the challenge has been selected by JT and he alone knows what it is. Each roaster will get sent a fixed amount of the green and supply their roast plan and intended attributes of their competition roast based on a sample roast.

JT has come up with a modified set of criteria compared to those used during a standard roasting comp. The next stage is for each roaster to submit 1Kg of their roasted competition coffee along with a printout of their roast profile including some basic metrics such as weight loss etc.

The roast plans and comp coffee reports will be compared, assessed and scored.

There will be ONE winner!

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