Victoria Arduino bridges the gap between beauty and functionality. With over 110 years of producing some of the best and most stylish espresso machines and grinders we are proud to be working in partnership with them. Always looking to better the experience for baristas, VA’s Mythos grinders are widely accepted as the industry standard and they supply the official espresso machine of the World Barista Championship, the Black Eagle.


The official espresso machine of the World Barista Championship since 2015. Designed to be the most consistent and reliable in busy cafes, the Black Eagle also boasts precision control over the temperatures of brewing, water infusion and steam.

Key Features

High precision temperature stability with temperature, PID, and pressure probes

A display for each group head showing brew times, temperatures and liquid volumes

Made using the most reliable green construction practices, part of the Ongreening platform


With a unique design and with specialist materials the Eagle One was developed to reduce environmental impact by embracing new technology. This machine is a fusion of design and innovation, compact in size but guaranteeing performance and energy efficiency.

Key Features

Uses significantly less energy than equivalent machines

NEO engine heats only the amount of water required

Compact design but same excellent performance


The controls of the White Eagle have been designed around aesthetics and functionality with particular attention being payed to the ergonomics from a barista’s point of view. It can be chosen with either raised or lowered group heads to best suit the establishment’s preferred cup styles.  

Key Features

High precision temperature stability with temperature, PID, and pressure probes

Made from recyclable materials

Same technology as the Black Eagle but in a more compact design

Barista-preferred ‘push-pull’ steam control


The Victoria Arduino Mythos One – manufactured by Nuova Simonelli is the new generation of on-demand grinders with the highest level of technology for improved consistency, portion control & flavour. Mythos One stands out for its innovative Clima Pro technology and the for clump crush system that ensures dose consistency and regularity in the coffee store outflow giving better extraction quality.

Key Features

Micrometric grinding adjustment

Long-lasting 75mm & 85mm flat steel burrs

Clima-Pro Technology keeps the grinding chamber at an ideal temperature

Easy Maintenance and cleaning

Clump crusher which red yes the need to purge between dose and cuts bean wastage

Stop & Go Barista mode which allows for dose adjustments

Multi-function LCD display

Low-retention clump-free grinding

Engineered to perform, designed to inspire. Experience the exclusivity of the lucky few.

You are in good company

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