Aaron Torres - Head Roaster 

Aaron grew up around coffee at his parents’ café in Spain and has developed a deep understanding of its complexities and nuances. Now a licenced Q Arabica Grader, Aaron has the skill, experience and qualifications to help each coffee reach its full potential as Ue Coffee’s head roaster. Aaron will not settle for anything below exceptional, so your coffee is always going to be of the highest standard as he oversees all coffee related part of the business.

Marcello Geraci - Head of Coffee

Marcello lives and breathes coffee. With years of experience as a barista working with high-end specialty coffee, Marcello pushes our team of talented baristas to improve their skills in brewing espresso and pouring latte art. Coffee is all about relationships and Marcello has made many strong ones in his time working with coffee. He provides a connection to other parts of the industry and allows us to benefit from the experience of others. He is also key in sharing our experiences and triumphs with the coffee world as we look to reach new heights in the industry.


Tom Iverson - Business Development Manager

Tom has extensive experience working in the hospitality industry and a true passion for bringing the best to his customers. Always looking for ways to improve our business, Tom takes pride in sharing the Ue story and helping other businesses elevate their coffee offering. His infectious enthusiasm always has the team pushing to improve their skills and customer experience; and have fun while doing it. Tom believes in providing a great price for our customers while protecting the value of the product. He understands the dedication that has gone into producing our coffee, from the farmer through to our packing and distribution team.


Jack Miller - Training Manager

After years of working in hospitality, Jack found his inspiration in the specialty coffee world. He has a methodical approach, which suits the precision and patience required when working with coffee. This also makes him ideally suited for training our customers, be it home barista enthusiasts or our wholesale customers who are looking to become an extension of the Ue family by serving our great coffee in their own café or restaurant. Jack encourages others to learn and dive into the extensive world of coffee as he has been inspired to do.