This is a tournament run by a ladder system; there must be an even number of competitors to balance the numbers.

Competitors names will be drawn out at the start in pairs and the winner of each pair will go on to the next pairing until only two remain and a winner is announced. 4 Rounds and a final.

Each competitor must pour 1 x latte from the same vessel of milk. There is a limit of 3 minutes. Competitors will be required to pull their own shots. A 7oz bowl style cup will be used.

Each pattern will be decided upon whereby a judge will roll a latte art dice and competitors will attempt to pour this pattern.

The semi-final round will be using solely Oatly Barista milk, as we need to see an increased level of technical ability going into the final round.

The final 2 competitors will be able to perform a ‘showstopper round’ where they can create their own free pour latte art pattern of choice in either a 7oz or 10oz cup to present to the judges.


Limited to 32 competitors

The 32 are determined by first come/first serve. If there are people still wanting to compete after the 32 spaces are filled, then they will be signed up first for the following throw down. If they do not show up their slot will be up for grabs.

To participate, the competitor must have experience with espresso preparation and the equipment used to do so. In addition, the competitor must have experience pouring milk-based beverages.


Competitor will have his or her number called and must be available and ready to compete while the number that is 2 before them is currently competing.

Competitor will have 3 minutes total behind the machine. It is not necessary to fill the whole 3 minutes. Your time will finish when presented and placed at judging table.

Competitors will have to pull their own shots; they will not be poured for them.
Each competitor will get one pitcher/jug of milk

Spilled milk will be handled case by case.

Competitors can bring his or her own pitcher/jug of choice, splitting milk is allowed.

Espresso and milk are provided, and those are the only choices. Competitors MAY NOT bring their own espresso or milk.

The latte art be must free pour, no etching or sauces allowed. Only ingredients will be espresso and milk.

Once the drinks are poured the competitor will place it on the designated space to be judged.


The drinks will be judged in 4 categories.

Balance & Symmetry

  1. Dividing lines are clean, even, and show no signs of hesitation.
  2. Individual elements work well with and complement each other.

Colour Infusion & Definition

  1. The contrast between the whiteness of the foam, and the darkness of the crema.
  2. How infused or intertwined the brownness of the crema is with the whiteness of the foam
  3. The intention of the design is obvious and clear

Use of Space

  1. The design fills the cup with in an appropriate and pleasant way
  2. The design neither crowds the cup, nor leaves it feeling empty or unfinished
  3. There is a harmony between the size of the cup and size of the design

Overall Impression

  1. General aesthetic appeal
  2. Drink is free of spill marks and cup is appropriately full of liquid
There will be 3 judges. Two main judges and a tie-breaker judge. After the two sets of coffees are on the judge’s bench/space, on the count of 3 with no discussion the three judges will point at the winning set.

  1. There should be no conflict of interest between competitors and judges, i.e. family, partners, business partners or co-workers.
  2. Intimidate, corrupt, disrupt the routine of a participating barista whether you are attending to watch or participate.
  3. Contradict the judges result for each heat.


Prizes will be awarded on the night.

The grand prize of a brand new Victoria Arduino Prima 1 can be taken away on the night, however shipping to a UK mainland address can be arranged after the event.

Ue Coffee Roasters Ltd or our sponsors will not be held responsible for carrying out the installation of the coffee machine and this will be the responsibilty of the winner.


Do not enter areas of the building that say strictly no access.

Strictly no smoking or vaping inside the main building or restricted areas.

Ue Coffee Roasters Ltd and our sponosrs will be photographing this event and capturing faces present on the evening itself. This imagery and video footage will be used across our social media platforms and for future marketing activities. By entering the competition you are giving full consent for both photography and video footage to be used without any prior or additional consent being required.