A key name in the coffee industry, La Marzocco have been pioneering espresso machine technology since 1927 with all new machines still produced in their original Italian home of Florence. They still apply specialist supervision through each stage of machine production to ensure the same outstanding craftsmanship in every piece of equipment.

The name, La Marzocco, has become synonymous with quality and consistency, which is why their espresso machines are so widely used and sought after within the speciality coffee industry.

We are proud to have been in partnership with La Marzocco for well over a decade now and the brand continues to live on and be at the very heart of our business.

We stock La Marzocco’s full range from the entry level workhorse, the Linea Classic to the ultimate workflow, feature heavy KB90 with working models on show at our roastery in Witney.


La Marzocco’s 90-year anniversary model, packed full of new and innovative features. With the familiar software of the best-selling Linea PB, the KB90 also has the addition of ground-breaking straight in portafilters, intuitive drip tray scales and automatic steam flush after every shot. This is the machine for baristas who are dedicated to the search for that perfect espresso.  

Key Features 

Unique straight-in portafilters with auto steam flush

Built-in drip tray scales for precision brewing

Cool touch steam wands

Easy and comprehensive programming through the familiar La Marzocco software


Designed by baristas for baristas, the Strada is always evolving based on feedback from the front line. With its stylish curves, the Strada looks as good as it performs. The thermal stability system and individual coffee boilers give this machine the most stable brewing system for unbeatable consistency.

Key Features

Eco mode, auto back flush and other programmable features

Cool to the touch steam wands for safe milk steaming

Dual PID for ultimate temperature control


A blend of traditional style and modern functionality, the PB is known for being the true workhorse of a high-volume establishment. Featuring user-friendly interface software, the barista gets full control of temperatures and brew volumes along with a helpful automatic cleaning cycle.  

Key Features 

Digital display for easy and intuitive programming

Eco mode for energy efficiency



Designed to blend into any setting, the Linea Classic is a work of art that is linear in design and dressed in polished stainless steel. This machine has been a favourite in cafes since the early 1990s due to its simplicity and reliability. 

Key Features

Dual boiler for better temperature stability and performance

Simple and easy to use volumetric control

Compact size for smaller bars

Handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail, every La Marzocco is a true masterpiece of Italian design and engineering.

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