Professional Training

We can speak with some authority when it comes to running busy cafés because, unlike many roasters, we have taken the leap ourselves into running our own café operations, so we know how you must be feeling.

We’ve side-stepped the many pitfalls and cleared all the hurdles and now we’re here to guide you through the maze that is starting up a new venture in the world of speciality coffee. We’ve made the mistakes, so hopefully you don’t need to!

Our experienced wholesale account managers have all spent time behind our coffeebars. They are experienced Speciality Coffee Association trained and accredited baristas, trainers, technicians and are at heart full-time coffee nerds. We are always out on the road or on the end of the phone to help you with anything and everything that you might need when it comes to serving the best coffee possible.
Whether you’re a new start-up with no previous experience or a seasoned barista looking to take the plunge into running your own coffeebar, we've devised a range of training schedules to suit the needs of the individual. We will cover everything from sourcing the best coffee possible to the final product, to help you understand all the little details that make that cup of coffee taste so good.

The doors of the Roastery and the Cafés are always open to our extended family of coffee makers.