A key name in the coffee industry, Conti have been pioneering espresso machine technology since 1956 with all new machines still produced in their original home of Monaco. They still apply specialist supervision through each stage of machine production to ensure the same outstanding craftsmanship in every piece of equipment.

The name, Conti, has become synonymous with quality and consistency, which is why their espresso machines are so widely used and sought after within the coffee and hospitality industry.

We are proud to have been in partnership with Conti for well over a decade now and the brand continues to live on and be at the very heart of our business.

We stock Conti's full range from the entry level workhorse, the X One to the ultimate workflow, feature heavy Monti Carlo or the all new Ultima.

Conti offers excellent value for money and although it is a single boiler machine (with PDI temperature control) it uses a clever mixing system of cold water into the hot water system to allow excellent temperature stability and temperature control.


The Monte Carlo is a culmination of over 60 years of research and design. Created to meet the needs of baristas and roasters worldwide, the Conti Monte Carlo combines good looks, endless power, and extreme precision.
Conceived for the most discerning, Barista, Roaster or any serious operator, the Monte Carlo has a harmonious combination of style, practicality, precision build quality and advanced technology to ensure it is a future proof consideration for any outlet.

Key Features 

Multi Boiler, Triple Heat Zone System

Soft pre-infusion for increased body and mouthfeel in the coffee

Cool touch steam wands

Digital interface which show details of each extraction, including shot time, volumetrics, and flowrate


The MC Ultima is an evolution of our flagship model, with a sharpened more efficient design, enhanced ergonomics, more intuitive software and endless custom options, we have taken every element of this machine, and tuned it to perfection.

Key Features

Full colour digital user-friendly barista control panel & espreso recipe book

Cool to the touch steam wands for safe milk steaming

Compact footprint design with 40% increase in cup warming capacity

Dual PID for ultimate temperature control


Our giant slayer, the X-one TCI Evo model utilises some simple proprietary technology to offer some of the unique and desirable features of premium multi boiler machines.

Built around the success and design principles of the X-ONE range, we have included several intuitive improvements which make the X-ONE TCI Evo one of the best performing single boiler machines on the market, now with full colour coded body panels – this machine’s iconic style really sets off any coffee bar.

This machine really can handle the most demanding situation, pouring perfect espresso over and again, whilst allowing the barista to manually and intuitively adjust numerous parameters to dial in the flavour of any bean, to bring out even the most subtle tasting notes of your coffee, whatever the region or roast profile of your beans.

Key Features 

Independent temperature control of each group, allowing you to optimise the extraction of your coffee, and offer a guest espresso at a different brewing temperature

The X-ONE TCI Evo achieves incredible temperature stability, using our unique ‘flow control’ system, allowing you to make small adjustments to the temperature of the coffee group.

Machine will automatically switch to Eco mode during quieter periods, overnight or even when you are closed for a day.


The CC202 is the latest addition to the Conti range. It has been refined and redesigned to offer the barista features and benefits far beyond conventional expectation. Our most universal machine, perfectly suited for low to medium capacity such a hotel lobby, village pub or modern office.

The evolution of our classic model, the CC100, the CC202 has been fettled, modified and enhanced to offer exceptional mid range performance, value and striking aesthetic.

To control espresso consistency as we strive to improve extraction, we have added individual group shot timers, and illuminated the drinks preparation area with LED barista lights. An eye level display offers diagnostics and real time user information such as service reminders and boiler temperatures.

Finished in our new textured full colour extra tough powder coating – the CC202 is a real looker and will blend beautifully into any environment

Key Features

Monitor and control espresso extraction whilst improving consistency and ultimately flavour

Illuminated group heads for a clean working area

Using PID, we can not only quickly change the brew temperature of our machine, but we also ensure it stays perfectly stable, consistency equals results

Handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail, every Conti is a true masterpiece of functionality and engineering.

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