This Christmas we are delighted to be roasting an incredible coffee from Finca El Oasis in Colombia’s Tolima department.

Upon tasting the sample, it was clear to us that this coffee had been grown and processed under expert supervision and
would be a great addition to our seasonal coffee range. So, we bought the whole micro-lot and are excited to offer this
as a UK exclusive coffee.

The micro-lot was discovered by our friends at Cofinet, a family of 4th generation coffee farmers who source and export specialty coffee from Colombia with a focus on experimental fermentation processes.

One of their main aims is to establish direct relationships between farmers in Colombia and roasters around the world.

They found Finca El Oasis tucked away deep in the mountains, owned and run by Luz Mila and her 3 children. In an extremely remote region, around 3 hours from the nearest city, El Oasis enjoys rich, fertile soil provided by the nearby Nevado del Huila volcano. Luz Mila maintains her farm to impeccable standards and already produces coffees to a very high standard.

So, why meddle with a coffee that is already great by fermenting it with cinnamon? Not all experimental processing makes the coffee better, but in this instance the results are undeniably delicious. As a unique offering for this farm it can help them gain recognition and distinction as well as obtain better prices for their coffee.

At the farm, the coffee is washed of its fruit skin and fermented for 30 hours with the addition of tartaric acid and cinnamon.

The beans are then laid on raised beds to dry to the desired moisture content. This unique processing method produces gentle cinnamon flavours that complement, not overwhelm, the natural chocolate and caramel notes of the coffee. It also gives a delicious Biscoff biscuity undertone.

As you would expect, a micro-lot is small in size and of limited supply. Make sure you get hold of this coffee while it is still available. It makes for a great Christmas gift for any coffee lovers, especially in our beautiful new festive packaging. We want to end 2020 with a special treat for our customers so take your time to brew, relax and enjoy.

Click HERE to head over to the Colombia Finca El Oasis product page