Mahogany Espresso Blend


Our Mahogany espresso is a classic.The Brazil here really provides the structure, biscuit and chocolate being its input flavours. The Guatemala adds a touch of fruit and the India gives it its punch. This is a coffee roasted to 185 degrees so it’s an old school profile.

Expect delicious caramel and spice in well textured milk. As an espresso this really packs a punch. Dark chocolate, spice and roasted hazelnut. We suggest either a 18g dose to 45g yield in 30secs or an 19g dose to 30g yield in 39secs as good starting points. 

This is a coffee that loves the Aeropress. Why not try 20g and 200mls of water with the inverted method. Anywhere between 2 and 4 minutes should do it. 

Origins: Brazil 50% Guatemala 30% India 20%

Regions: Mixed Origins

Process: Mix of washed and natural

Altitude: 1000 -1,600 masl

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