Spiced Apple Cider Fruit Tisane


Tantalize your taste buds with this intoxicating infusion of fruit and Winter spice. Juicy tangy apples and sweet fig slices are combined with fragrant exotic spices to create this unique warming tisane. A truly golden delicious Autumnal thirst quencher!

Light and richly sweet. A spicy hit with a gentle tangy aftertaste.

Apple pieces (acidifier: citric acid) (42%), apple slices (24%), star anise, natural flavouring, cinnamon sticks (3%), cinnamon (3%), cloves and fig slices. Naturally caffeine free.

Brew Guide

Use fresh water, enjoy without milk - For hot drink, this can be left to chill for a cold drink: Temp. 100°C, Quantity. 5g, Water. 300ml, Steep. 3-5 mins.

For iced cold brew, use cold filtered water and sweeten with agave syrup which is optional. Quantity. 2g, Water. per 100ml, Steep in cold brew infuser in the fridge for 4-6 hours.