Our Approach to Sustainability

Dominic Boyett


Inbuilt into our vision and mission statements are our pledges of sustainability. 2020 is a big year of growth for our company, which means the impact on the environment of consumption and emissions will unavoidably grow unless we take action. It is of critical importance to us that we manage the reduction of that impact and look closely at every aspect of our business to do so. We have divided our vision into immediate, intermediate and long-term sustainability practices.

At home we have, or will, take action across all aspects of our business. Waste reduction, carbon neutral, recyclable or recycled packaging, an electric vehicle fleet, zero packaging for wholesale customers within a 25-mile radius and a reduction on paper, water and food wastage are just some of the areas considered in our sustainable future.  We will also be supporting local projects to encourage sustainable practices in our community.
Internationally, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that all green beans are sustainably grown in bio-diversified farms and that they are Rain Forest Alliance certified which covers a host of sustainable practices. Our long-term pledge is to calculate the impact that the shipping of our coffees has in regards to CO2 emissions and we are working with the Wychwood Project to offset this.

Our approach to sustainability will continue to evolve within our business and change for the better, as sustainable options become more readily available and as the conversation grows.
We want to lead by example with both our wholesale and retail customers and for them to follow and support us in our vision of a 100% sustainable future.