We welcome the La Marzocco KB90!

Renira Scott
As a business we are always championing the latest and greatest in coffee technology.  
This week we have welcomed the revolutionary KB90 into our High Street Café. It’s one sleek piece of kit and in the La Marzocco 90th anniversary red, it’s a thing of beauty. 

La Marzocco, Red, Coffee Machine, Coffee, Cafe
Our café environment is a busy one, so it is important that we not only have a machine that sets the standard in consistent, delicious brews but also improves the efficiency of our service.
The KB90 does all that! To be quite frank, we have been blown away by it.  

As a company, we provide our baristas and roasters with the best of the best when it comes to coffee tech. The Strada AV, Linea with Kronos, Giesen W30 roaster (there are only 2 of these in the UK and we own one of them!), Giesen W15, Giesen WPG1 and EK 43 to name a few bits of current kit. So to hear them saying things like, “I would struggle to use any other machine after this and enjoy it as much,” and “Without a doubt, this is the best machine I’ve ever used,” we know we are onto a winner.  

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The portafilter has a straight-in function, which means no more twisting on the wrist. We can almost hear the laughs, but barista wrist is a thing! Most importantly it saves precious seconds and meets the customer's needs quicker.  

The ergonomics and consistency with the KB90 are game-changing. The drip prediction and inbuilt scales prevent over-extraction; producing the exact dialled in volume of water needed. Incredible!

The steam flush feature purges the grouphead with steam and hot water after every shot run. Marvellous! 
Coffee Cup, KB90, La Marzocco, Cafe, Coffee Machine, Espresso Machine, Drip, Extraction
It all sounds too good to be true but it works and it has done what it says on the tin. We now own a pioneering piece of kit that makes a barista's life easier whilst setting the standard in café performance in speed, consistency and ease. Perfetto!