A little positivity and cheer

Tom Iverson

Writing the latest blog for Ue Coffee in this whirlwind of a current climate we are going through is not an easy one to do. Where to start and what to write about?

My mind sent me on a journey to try and give out a little positivity and cheer for all you caffeine fuelled folk and remind you all reading that there is light at the end of the tunnel. How long the journey will take to get to the other side is unknown. However, what I can tell you all is we are still here and ready to welcome you into our cafés with open arms and a hot brew in sight.

Our roastery cafe has been a dream come true for us all here at Ue. We have enjoyed coming in each day and seeing both new and familiar faces to serve and talk through the current buzz words of ‘Covid’ and ‘Lockdown’ along with the newly formed ‘Hands, face and Space’.

But there is so much more to talk of once we all get past the first step of conversation. Our roastery warehouse is now a newly converted café area. Very hands on and theatrical from watching our roasting team shift 60kg sacs into our Giesen roasters (Yes, we have 3!) To our production team labelling, sealing and packaging parcels for both coffee and tea.

All in all, this space was designed to let our community see exactly what we have achieved and what we are proud to put our name too. Not only have we been busy, but the Witney tradesman have been at it too. Moving, fixing, updating all around our site. A special thank you to both P&S Maintenance services and Refurb Electrics both of Witney for all their hard work along the way with us.

Our food offering has been elevated too with a new menu for you all to feast your eyes on. Classic brunch offerings for those wintery mornings using only the finest selection of ingredients that we all enjoy. Amongst the heavy listings are some familiar faces from; Sourdough Revolution, Cacklebean Eggs and Wychwood Honey. Using local helps at a time when needed the most and we are proud to support as others do for us.

The team, how could I forget about our wonderful team. Bursting with glee each morning and highly caffeinated they are a fantastic bunch and I really do look forward to seeing them all each day. Going through a pandemic is hard enough, let alone providing a delivery service to those in need of fresh goods each day as we did so for three months. But the bond we all have with each other is fantastic and we are a very close nit team which is hard to come by. We really do run on a ‘one team, one dream’ ethos.

Lastly, I must mention a thank you to those who have visited daily, weekly and sometimes hourly for; a shelter out of the rain, a space for a meeting and laptop, a dog walkers pit stop or a safe place with a friend to natter. Without our loyal customer base, we would not be able to invest in what we have done so far. We are lucky to have so many repeat customers which we all get to know very well and look forward to seeing. A big fat cheer to you all!

I hope you all continue to stay well and safe during the uncertain months ahead and please remember, everything really is better with a coffee in hand!